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it felt like the earth was splitting in two
Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you.
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Anonymous asked: "The whole 5sos family hates you."

Really? I couldn’t tell.

This picture was from the last time I had rumors going around about me and the 5SOS guys. 

I’ve done nothing wrong to any of the 5SOS fam or the boys. All I’ve ever done is listen to their music. People just make rumors and it makes me sick. Please, stop saying stuff about the guys that are untrue including me. All of the boys seem really great and they seem to REALLY care about their fans.

ALSO, stop telling people to kill themselves. It’s considered encouraging suicide, you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison if they actually commit you can be charged with manslaughter. Think twice before you say something regretful. 

Anonymous asked: "you're so fucking ugly, it's unreal. you're pathetic, fat, annoying, and so many other things."


Anonymous asked: "are you embarassed of Ashton or something that you really won't admit that you're dating him?"

I’ve never spoken with Ashton or any of the 5SOS boys. They all seem like great guys. Please, stop messaging me.

I don’t give a fuck about who doesn’t like me, who stopped fucking with me, who stopped speaking to me, or any of the petty shit people do towards me because I sleep great every night.

- From Jhonni Blaze’s IG (Reiterated)  (via elauxe)

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